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Photonic Devices and Components

Within the NEXPRESSO Project a pre-competitive photonic device means any pre-competitive component, material, device, circuit, module, and associated documentation.  The provided device should be truly pre-commercial.  It should not be an old component in a new application.  It should not be available for sale anywhere in the world.  On the other hand the component should be a functioning prototype that can be reproduced at least in small numbers.

Examples of prototype components could be, for instance:

  • A material, like an epitaxial wafer, an optical element, a non-linear optical crystal;
  • A component like a laser, a filter, a LED, a detector, a modulator, etc;
  • A module with embedded photonic components.
  • We will also consider prototypes in which commercially-available photonic components are being used to implement entire new kind of application.

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