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First Call for Components Success

The NEXPRESSO Project Partners are pleased to announce that the first Call for Components which closed on 8 October resulted in 33 proposals, a very encouraging number.

Each of these proposals can be found in the form of a downloadable PDF document in the Member's Area of this website.  If you are in a European University and might be interested in carrying out a research project with one of the proposed components, then please log into the Member's Area, and click on the "Proposals And Projects" link then "Call 1 Component Proposals" and download and study the Component Proposals.  If you are not yet a Registered Member, then please click on "MEMBERSHIP" -> "Sign Up" to first register and receive a login.

After reading the Component Proposals you may wish to propose to carry out an R&D project.  In such case please note that the first Call for R&D Projects is now OPEN and will CLOSE on 30 November 2010.  Details of how to create and submit a proposal can be found by downloading the "Call for Participation" document (click on the big blue graphic on the HOME page).


The 33 Component Proposals are:

  • ALPhANOV - Multispectral temperature camera
  • ALPhANOV - Thermal Fluxmeter for TeraHertz
  • Altechna - Yellow-orange multi-wavelength laser
  • Azur - High Power Fibre Lasers
  • CIP - Polarisation Diversity Receiver
  • CIP - 100GHz Electroabsorption Modulator
  • CIP - 100G All Optical Regenerator
  • CIP - 100G Cascadable All Optical Regenerator
  • University of Glasgow - Interferometric position measurement
  • Conerefringent - Fresnels Polarizer
  • COSINGO - Adaptive Optics box for SOM
  • Alphanov- Pulse on Demand Module
  • Gooch and Housego - High power isolator
  • Gooch and Housego - High power fibre taps
  • Imagine Eyes - RodenAO
  • Imagine Eyes - Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging
  • Imagine Optic - TOPTIM
  • Innolume - Quantum Dot Surface Photomixers
  • LovaLite - New End of Fibre Tapering
  • M Squared Lasers - CW MIR Laser Component
  • M Squared Lasers - Ti sapphire Laser System
  • mLED - Micropixellated LED Array System
  • Nanovation - ZnO Epiwafers
  • Philips - Semiconductor laser module
  • Rainbow Photonics - Terahertz Generators
  • Selex - Optical Switching Matrix
  • SILIOS - Diffractive Optical Element
  • SILTRONIX - Patterned substrates
  • Solus - Yellow Laser System
  • Solus - Ultrafast Laser System
  • Time-Bandwidth - tunable ytterbium laser
  • VIGO - IR sensing from 1 to 20 um
  • Visionica - Aberrometer with Acuity Testing

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