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The NEXPRESSO Project has the objective to put pre-competitive photonic components and systems in the hands of researchers and students, at no net cost to the university or to the company that furnishes the prototypes and to facilitate transfer of the evaluation results to potential end-users assisting companies to access new markets and new applications.

As a result, students are trained on the next generation of emerging technologies and products as identified by European industries. This training orients students toward advanced technology jobs in Europe, thus helping to develop a highly educated and productive workforce in Europe.

Each company that participates in the programme, and particularly so for SMEs, has a new and valuable resource for implementing research and development at a reduced cost that is also precisely focussed on the products and on the issues that are most relevant to that company’s continued growth and success.

By involving potential end-users in the programme, the supplying company gets access to possible new markets outside its normal field of operation. The supplying company therefore has a possibility to investigate possible new applications and reach out towards new markets without a significant cost.

The NEXPRESSO Project greatly enhances professional mobility, particularly for students and researchers in new member countries. Through the NEXPRESSO programme these professionals will be able to apply for R&D positions with companies located anywhere in Europe. The NEXPRESSO Project will act as a positive force to integrate this talented resource into the European economy.


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